The project

It all started in 2014, when Thomas Marples, Raphaël de Landsheer and Amandine Servotte met and launched the Brussels Lacrosse Project. In the very beginning, the small group organized some practices in a park close to the Woluwe stadium, obliged to pack their bags as soon as the sun set since they didn’t have any lights.

Little by little, new players joined them and the idea to found an official club started to grow. That wish came to life after Thomas Leyh and Pauline Héraly joined, and the small group of lacrosse-enthusiasts created Brussels Lacrosse in 2014.

Over the course of the following 3 years the club grew, with in 2017 no less than 55 members and the club keeps growing! Especially since a youth team was added to the Brussels Lacrosse Family in season 2017-2018.