The Staff


President & treasurer

Raphaël de Landsheer has been elected as president of Brussels Lacrosse. As president, he represents Brussels Lacrosse nationaly and internationally. He is responsible for the club’s administration and leads the development of new projects that players or other board members might want to implement for the club. He is also the representative of Brussels Lacrosse players when it comes to dealing with the Belgian Lacrosse Federation (BLF).
Also known as “Picsou”, Raphaël is not only president, he is also the treasurer of the club; he is a man of many talents! As treasurer, he is responsible for the general financial oversight, funding and fundraising. He is the person in charge of club material, the field rental, etc.



Our secretary, Pauline Héraly, is the first contact person for all new members. She is in charge of maintaining the administration of the club. She is also the one who keeps contact with the stadium, the community of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the Belgian Lacrosse Federation (BLF), others clubs, etc. In case of any injuries, questions or any other inquiries, Pauline is the woman for the job! Trust us, she can tell you where to go and/or what to do!


Team Manager Bobcats

The team manager is the boss of the team. Thanks to Amandine Servotte’s efforts, everything considering the women’s team (the Bobcats) goes smoothly. Always there to supervise the Bobcats, she organizes the inscription of new players and makes sure games go smoothly. This way, the only thing the players have to do is focus on playing the sport they love!



Team Manager Beavers

The boss of the men’s team (the Beavers) is Jonathan Lefebvre, the person for this job! He motivates his team, organizes games and welcomes new Beavers. With him as commander in chief, the Beavers can overcome anything. Especially comfortable when you ask him to organize an event, Jonathan isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to see his team and the club grow! He is the spokesman for the Beavers in consulting the board about any of their needs.





Coaches Bobcats

Fleur Versteegh, Holly Davis et Pauline Héraly


Coach Beavers

Gaspard Lens

Coach youth team

Fleur Versteegh